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Section J & JV3 Report

This report examines the proposed Project and assesses its compliance with the energy efficiency standards outlined in NCC 2019 Section J Amendment 1. The evaluation utilizes the JV3 Verification Method.

The NCC standards provide a baseline performance level to promote best practice outcomes. Section J of the NCC requires efficient energy use for all building classes, as specified in Volume 1 under "Energy Efficiency." This section pertains to Class 2 to Class 9 buildings and is divided into eight subsections (J0 to J8), each addressing different elements of energy efficiency. Subsections J1 to J3 pertain to the building’s architecture, while J5 to J8 pertain to building services. Compliance can be demonstrated by either meeting the Deemed-To-Satisfy provisions or using a Verification Method approach.

The Verification Method is generally used for complex buildings that do not easily conform to the Deemed-To-Satisfy clauses or when a cost-effective solution is required. The JV3 Verification Method demonstrates compliance with Clause JP1. However, it is the responsibility of designers and installers to ensure that the requirements of JP2 and JP3 are also satisfied.

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