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  • Windows Thermal Analysis (QLD)

  • Door Acoustic Modelling Test (ACT)

  • Glazing Operable Louvre Airflow Modelling Test (QLD)

  • Jalousie Louvre Airflow and Acoustic Modelling Tests (QLD)

  • Aluminium Louvre Airflow, Rain and Wind Loading Tests (NSW)

  • Acoustic Louvre Airflow, Rain and Acoustic Modelling Tests (QLD, NSW, VIC)

  • Cladding Wind Loading, Thermal Expansions and Airflow Modelling Tests (NSW)

  • Ventilation Battens Airflow and Drainage Modelling (NZD, VIC)

  • CFD Analysis of Wind Loading Pressure Equalisation on the Cladding Cavity (JHHP)

  • Roof Vents Airflow and Rain Modelling Tests (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, IND)

  • Car Park Ventilation and CO- Removal Modelling (VIC, ACT, NSW)

  • Floor Deck Load Modelling Test (NSW)

  • Thermal Comfort Modelling for Factories (QLD, VIC, NSW, IND)

  • Fire and Smoke Simulation (VIC)

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