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Acoustic & Sound Transmission Loss Analysis

Our sound transmission loss analysis services for acoustic louvres and glazed windows follow the technical guidelines outlined in AS1191. These guidelines specify the analysis of sound transmission loss across a range of frequencies.

In accordance with AS1191, we evaluate sound transmission at specific frequencies, typically ranging from 50 Hz to 5,000 Hz, using one-third octave bands. This frequency range covers a wide spectrum of typical sound sources encountered in various environments, ensuring comprehensive analysis and accurate assessment of sound insulation performance.

To visualize and interpret the sound transmission loss data, we generate detailed graphs based on the analysis results. These graphs depict the transmission loss values at different frequencies, showcasing the performance of the acoustic louvres and glazed windows across the entire frequency range. The graph typically displays the transmission loss in decibels (dB) on the vertical axis and the frequency in Hertz (Hz) on the horizontal axis.

The graph allows for easy comparison of the sound transmission loss at different frequencies, highlighting the effectiveness of the louvres and glazed windows in attenuating sound. It provides insights into the specific frequency ranges where the performance is most significant, enabling informed decision-making during the design and selection process.

By analyzing the graph, our experts can identify any peaks or dips in sound transmission loss at specific frequencies, indicating areas of potential concern or improvement. This information helps in optimizing the design, such as adjusting louvre blade geometry, selecting appropriate glazing materials, or enhancing sealing mechanisms to enhance the overall acoustic performance.

Our software-driven analysis and the resulting graphs provide comprehensive information and technical insights for architects, engineers, and construction professionals to design acoustic louvres and glazed windows that meet or exceed the desired sound transmission loss requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and how our technical analysis services, compliant with AS1191, can assist you in achieving optimal sound insulation performance for your acoustic louvres and glazed windows.

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